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Moving Die Rheometer

Elastic Modules, Tan Delta, Initial, Maximum Torque, Rotor less, Viscous Modus, Cure rate, Minimum torque, Scorch points, Smaller Sample size. Viscous and Elastic S’ Modulus (torques) can be separated, Choice of display S’ or tan and along with elastic Modulus, Automated Testing, Online Display of Torque vs. Time graph, Graphical Comparison of results. Other Features are as above. Sample Volume Approx. 6 CM^3, Oscillating Disc Frequency 100Cycles/Min (1.66Hz), Oscillating Amplitude +/- 0.5 Deg, 1 Deg, 3 Deg, and Microprocessor Temp. Controller Calibrated range 100~200 Deg C., Air Pressure 60 PST, 4.2Kg/Cm2.

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