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Oscillating Disc Rheometer


The Rheometer describes precisely and quickly curing and processing characteristics of vulcanizable rubber compounds. Computer Controlled Automated Testing, Repeatability-Continuous repeated testing, Window environment easy to operate, huge Capacity of data storage and retrieval, Color Printouts, Multiple color coded graphs for easy separation of batches, Flexible testing timings, Statically Computation of data, Fast Temperature recovery, Automatic Computation of results at the end of test sequence. Sample Volume Approx. 8 CM^3, Oscillating Disc Frequency 100Cycles/Min (1.66Hz), Oscillating Amplitude +/- 1 Deg, 3 Deg, 5 Deg, and Microprocessor Temp. Controller Calibrated range 100~200 Deg C. Directly shaft mounted inline with oscillating disk. Directly online display on monitor, Air Pressure 60 PST, 4.2Kg/Cm2

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