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Infrastructure of Gatha Enterprises

GATHA Enterprises is an ISO 9001-2015 company providing Testing Machines, Castings, Machining Parts, Sheet metal and Fabricated assemblies for various industrial applications.

GATHA was initially started in 2002 with Material Testing Machines and Castings. In the last 17 years, GATHA has developed market reputation for end-to-end engagements involving delivery, installation, commissioning and service/repair of all kinds of industrial machinery. We have successfully expanded our offerings in multiple countries including Malaysia, Austria, Germany, Australia, and some other Gulf, African and Central American countries.

The key to GATHA’s success is our people. We have collectively over 150 years of experience in machine installations, repair and service. Our success is also attributed to customer satisfaction that results due to our prompt service, quality of products and competitiveness.

GATHA has been able to diversify in delivering products, undertaking projects and providing components. Some of the key initiatives that GATHA has been involved include:

  • Providing complete set of metallurgical and metallographic lab test equipment (plastic, rubber and paper) for Steel Rolling Mills, Engineering Colleges, Research institutes and Laboratories.
  • Process of casting, fabrication, machined and sheet metal. GATHA is the frontrunner in providing cast iron molds and cylindrical molds, having supplied more than 15,000 units worldwide. We have also fabricated and supplied slump cones.
  • Supplying complete machined components. One of our largest customers is a global Truck manufacturer.
  • Recently, GATHA was able to provide the end-to-end engagement experience for small power plants (up to 1 MW) which included machinery like boilers (up to 40 tons pressure) and turbines.

GATHA is always open to diversify their offerings in new products and projects (engineering or non-engineering). Feel free to reach out to us to take advantage of our top-of-the-line service.