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Abrasive Cut off Machine (Manual/Automatic)

  • Absolute minimal deformation, cool & burn-free sample production.
  • Effortless cutting by lever mechanism, counter balancing.
  • Robust construction and rigid clamping minimizing wheel breakage.
  • Large and Effective coolant delivery by unique design of casted wheel guard with focused vains
  • Control Panel incorporates door limit switch, emergency stop, illumination on/off & machine-on, switches.
  • Indications of door open, power on, pump on. Covering other safety norms.
  • Dedicated wheels for very hard , medium hard , soft components and universal wheel, in 10 " , 12 " & 14 ",thickness 1.5mm,2mm,3mm,hole sizes 1" or 1.25",(Al2O3).
  • Capacity : 60/80/100 mm Round Specimen.
  • Table Top Version for Cutting Cap. 35 mm dia. Hardened peice / 50 mm dia solid stock (soft).

Automatic heavy duty sectioning machine for large cross sections, irregular components.

Cutting Cap. - 130 mm dia. (through hardened 42 HRc) Cutting motion - Cutting wheel swings down on the job (Chope type) or Reciprocating swinging, Automatic Clamping - T slotted bed clamping, fixed vice, Automatic filtration system.

Automatic heavy duty sectioning machine for large cross sections, especially for taking longitudinal sections.

Cutting cap. - 100 mm dia. ( hardened) / 200 mm longitudinal section of shafts ( 40 dia ) Component is fed to the cutting wheel Programmable cycle of clamping, cutting, de-clamping.

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