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Digital Brinell Microscope

It is found that measuring Brinell Indentations can result in measurement errors between operators. This can virtually eliminate operator influence on test results.

With this handy instrument entire test sequence is simple. Place the scan hand on the work piece and move it so the impression appears near the middle of the screen. Just click mouse on "Auto" in tool bar on computer screen. Instrument automatically measures the diameter of indentation with resolution of 0.01 mm and displays Brinell value with diameter measurement. All data storage functions are automatically performed according to batch parameters.

An unlimited number of batches can be created each with its own test parameters and certificates. The operator can select test load and indenter size with party name, address, certificate No, date batch No. and description, high and low limits for readings etc. The previous batches can be reopened for viewing and address change etc.

The range of measurement is from 1 mm to 6 mm of diameter with resolution of 0.01 mm

  • Facility for Auto / Semi Auto / Manual modes of operation.
  • Well managed database saves readings W.r.t batch and certificate.
  • Report generation in the form of certificate and graph as per customer requirements
  • Facility for calibration and check of calibration

Scope of Supply

  • One hand held unit containing CCD Camera, Optics and illumination system with connecting cable.
  • PCI Video capture card with driver software.
  • Brinell image Analysis System Software.
  • PC and Windows 98 / 98 SE operating system is to be procured by customer.

(Dimensions and Photographs are for reference pupose only there may be variation at the time of supply due to constant R &D)

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