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Micro Hardeness Testing Machines

Micro Vickers Hardness Tester designed to cater heavy duty and research work with all the necessary automation for loading and measurements.

Test Load- 10gf to 1000 gf (0.098, 0.246, 0.49, 0.98, 1.96, 2.94, 4.9, 9.80 N) 10, 25, 50, 100,200, 300, 500, 1000 gmf dial switchable.

Dwell time - 5 - 60 Seconds.

Loading Mechanism Motorized loading and releasing.

Indexing- Rotating turret for indenter and objective lens.

Objective For scanning 10 x, Plan achromatic 0.25 NA.

For measurement 40 x, Plan achromatic 0.4 NA.

Diagonal Reading - Manual Filler micrometer eyepiece (10 X) with 0.5 Micron accuracy OR Digital measurement with the help of Digital Filler micrometer eyepiece (10 X) with 0.025 Micron accuracy.

Computerised Attachment: With this attachment one can convert manual hardness to computerized one. This has many advantages like higher accuracy as of bigger indentation, operator ease as one can get the Microhardness value by just clicking two diagonals of indentation image on the screens. Further one can get plot of effective case depth graph. All the readings with image and graphs can be stored, printed. This model MVH-II consists of

  • 1/2" CCD Camera (High resolution monochrome) with interface adaptor
  • Image grabber hardware.
  • Dedicated image processing Software for Vickers Hardness number, effective case depth hardness graph. Hardness Conversion facility.
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