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In - Situ Mettalography Kit

On site non destructive inspection kit of mettalography, used where the conventional techniques of specimen preparation can not be applied. The kit of practicing mettalographers for any critical site applications considering the user friendliness, weight, result and it’s repeatability. Excellent result can be achieved by methodical practice and employing good consumables with little practice.

Application areas

Insitu technology has various applications like for the study of micro structure of localized corrosion, high temperature oxidation & hot corrosion, large/ bulky jobs on their critical areas, weldment, cracks on the structures, pipes, pressure vessels, dies, pressure parts, and so many for the purpose for their residual life / structural integrity assessments / failure investigations. It also has applications like in life in life extension strategies, original design modification, maintenance, accelerated carrion study and safety.

Application Industries
Power generation, Fertilizer, petrochemical, aerospace, defense, automobile, steel, oil and gas, off shore structures and chemical processing industries, research and education.

Portable Grinder / Polisher – PORTGRINDER

Heavy duty grinder with right angle attachment, Variable speed, flexible shaft, portable high torque grinder for heavy and light duty site application. One can attach (32mm), various coarse and fine grinding replaceable self adhesive (PSA Backed) papers and lapping cloths disc for surface preparation. Grinder has right angle grinding attachment.

Technical data
Motor: 0.85 HP
Main supply: 230V, AC 50Hz, single phase
Speed: step –less variation up to 10000rpm
Supplied with rubber discs, various grade emery papers, clothes, diamond pastes.

Light weight exceedingly small portable grinder

Extremely useful when carrying weight and power supply connection is problem. The grinder delivers enough torque for site application. It has an accessory of drilling. This is useful for drilling a hole in a big job of stainless steel for anodic connection.

Technical data
Speed – 10000-30000 rpm
Motor – 125 watts, both motor & regulation electronics built in the handle of grinder.
Weight – 450gms(for easy handling on various applicationss)
Accessory – flexible shaft
Supply – battery operated.

Portable auto electro polisher

A) Power source Portable electro polisher finds an application of polishing especially stainless steel & caters other application.

Technical data
Supply unit – 220 V. single phase A.C
Current rating – up to 2.5 Amp.
Voltage rating – up to 60 volts
Modes – polishing / etching (external)
Polishing timer – 0 to 99 sec

B) Electrolytic polishing cell with pen type polishing probe, associated with electrolyte reticulation system with pump

Technical data
Circulation pump – 25 watts, 230 A.C. single phase
Electrolyte reservoir – 0.5 ltr.
Probe – recalculating pen type
Swabbing type of probe for general polishing / etching application with 200ml breaker for electrolyte storage.

Portable Microscope

Incident light microscope, to offer magnification up to 800X. with unique feature of stage scanning movement battery backup system etc.

Technical data
Total magnification – 100x to 800x
Objective – MF10x, MF20x, MF40x (achromatic objective) replaceable
Eyepieces – WF10x, 20x
Stage movement – X-Y direction with knobs for surface scanning (unique optional feature)
Light source – 6V-20W halogen bulb
Power supply – adaptor of 230V, A.C
Battery – back up with battery charge

Magnetic stand for microscope

Magnetic base stand help positioning the microscope in any position for detailed micro-observation and for photography.

Replica Kit

Transparent Replica Kit – Replica roll (Transparent), glass slides, and replica liquid (This replication techniques is operator skill dependent.)

Portable image analyzer for in-situ applications

Now one can grab and analyze the image on site with the help of powerful image analyzer. This can save the time and efforts of replica preparation, help analyzing the image on the spot, generation the vast data base, transmitting the image from the site by email etc. the software is loaded on laptop.

High resolution camera with built in image grabbing facility. Very low weight, small size camera that is directly attached to any lap-top computer through USB port. Attached to the microscope by “C” mount adaptor. Camera has own software for image correction, HIS, contrast, balanced bundled with image database maintenance software.

Image device – 1 / 2.5”
Resolution - 8.0 mega pixels (3264 x 2448)
Pixel size – 1.758 x 1.75 microns
Color filter – RGB 24 Bit
Exposure time – 0.1 milli seconds to 12 seconds
White balance – automatic, manual (camera model and specification are subject to availability of recent mode)

Software modules

Grain size estimation
Grain size measurement with grain area cleaning and boundary reconstruction facility and auto intercept marking

Phase analysis

Percentage phase analysis or area fraction

Nodularity analysis

Nodule count, % nodularity analysis, distribution, nodule classification.

Linear Measurement

Plating / coating / decarburization / banding measurement and degree of orientation / decard / interlammellar dist., distribution, dendritic arm spacing, defects etc.

Other modules
Serpentine crack length measurement
Graphite flake analysis for size class analysis
Movable micron marker
Customized developments can be undertaken, under special contract.

Data base maintenance, reports
Image data base maintenance / management software with facility of comparison of images and image gallery, report generation.

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