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UCI Hardness Tester

UCI Hardness Tester is designed for rapid non-destructive testing of hardness.Metals and alloys on standardized international scales of hardness: Rockwell (HRC), Brinell (HB), Vickers (HV);

The ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI) probe is used for measuring the hardness of small items, objects with a thin wall, complex form, and to measure the hardness of surface hardened layers.

Measurement hardness range:

  • Rockwell, HRC - 20 - 70
  • Brinell, HB - 90 - 450
  • Vickers, HV - 230 - 940
Standard set of UCI Hardness Tester
  • Electronic block
  • UCI probe
  • 2 batteries AA
  • Charger
  • USB cables
  • Operating manual
  • Software for PC
  • Case

Measuring the hardness of the surface hardened layer Possibility to use in field conditions with high humidity and dust Convenience and ease of measurement Optimized number of buttons Contrast display with bright back-lighting Automatic recognition of probe Indication of the type of connected probe Calibrations stored in memory of probe Very easy in operation and calibration Internal memory and communication with PC Rubber bumper protected case

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