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Heat Treatment Furnace


  • Annealing
  • Normalising
  • Hardening
  • Solution Treatment Heating
  • Forge Heating
  • Tempering
  • Aluminum Solutionising
  • Stress Relieving
  • Ductile Iron Full Annealing.

Auto cycle control

  • Ramp, Soak, Cool ..... 8 Steps Profile
  • 10, 20 Profile Memory
  • Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO)
  • PID Controlling Action.
  • Micro processor based programable controller.
  • one burner, one thermocouple forms one pair as zone, thus multi zone control
  • Digital display for time temprature graph online with USB pendrive for data storage, Wired lan PC connectivity for real time graph printing


  • High Velocity Short Flame Burner
  • Direct On/Off pulse firing effect.
  • Smokeless perfect combustion

The furnaces are calibrated for uniformity as per API 6A Standard ( The Temperature Difference Between Highest & Lowest Points at Stabilised Conditions should not be more than 13ÂșC.)


  • Trolley - movement by geared motor with brake.
  • Door - movement by geared motor with brake, counter weighed,
  • Door Lock Unlock - innovative,Pneumatically operated instant latching unlatching for perfect sealing


  • Strong rigid construction
  • Heat resistant grade CI castings at door and frame, bogie and furnace interface eliminates warpage.
  • Railway rails for load bearing under temperature.
  • Double sealing minimising heat losses.


  • High temperature high density ceramic fibre modular lining.
  • Self supporting U-fold door lining.


  • All fuel fired furnaces are equiped with recuperator to recover the heat from flue gases by preheating combustion air. By thumb rule a rise of 150 degree C in combustion air 7.5% heat is recovered.

PLC control

  • Large furnaces handle high value materials, it is essential to install PLC for opration to avoid manual errors.
  • PLC checks each & every operation prior to loading of materials called booting to ensure air/gas/power etc. are within the specifications & all the sensors are in working condition
  • PLC monitors each & every operation during auto cycle for supply conditions, flue temperatures burner operations any deviation is automatically notified audio visualy & through SCADA
  • PLC keeps event history for the record

Control Panel

  • Aesthetically powder coated control panel.
  • Electrical switch gears for drives, burners.
  • Status indication and control.
  • Burner sequence controller and flame failure device.
  • Programmable startup, burner, temperature controlling system.


  • Thermal survey as per API 6A Standard.
  • All measuring instruments calibrated to national traceability
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