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  • Computerised Universal Testing Machine

    Computerised Universal Testing Machine

    Universal testing machine have a wide range of application. A number of material and metals in different forms and shapes can be tested for a variety of tension, compression, transverse, bend, shear, brinell hardness, etc.
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  • Impact Testing Machine

    Impact Testing Machine

    Impact Testing Machine works on pendulum priniciple and is suitable for Charpy and Izod Impact Tests. Impact Testing Machine is available in Analogue and Digital mode.Izod Imapact Testing Machine's capacity is from 0.2J to 750J whereas Charpy Impact Testing Machine is available in capacity upto 300J
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  • Micro Vickers Hardness Testing Machine

    Micro Vickers Hardness Testing Machine

    Micro Vickers Hardness Tester is designed to cater heavy duty and research work with all the necessary automation for loading and measurements. With computerized attachment one can convert manual hardness to computerized one.
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  • Range of Metallography

    Abrasive Cut Off Machine

    For Metallography, Gatha has all sort of tools available like Abrasive Cut Off Machine (Manual/Automatic), Polishing Station, Automatic Grinding and Polishing Machine, Specimen Mounting Press (Manual/Automatic), Jominy Hardenability Set Up, Portable Metallurgical Kit, Image Analysis, Spectrometer − Optical Emission Type
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GATHA was initially started in 2002 with Material Testing Machines and Castings. In the last 17 years, GATHA has developed market reputation for end-to-end engagements involving delivery, installation, commissioning and service/repair of all kinds of industrial machinery. We have successfully expanded our offerings in multiple countries including Malaysia, Austria, Germany, Australia, and some other Gulf, African and Central American countries.